What could possible go wrong?
A little while back, we took on our biggest challenge yet: to take a lake boat out into the open ocean and down the Eastern Seaboard.  We were told that it wasn't possible, that the boat couldn't make it, that we were fools...

And all of that is pretty much true.

We've still got a ton of footage to get through, but the first short video I made shows that even amidst Poseidon's wrath, there was still fun to be had, and ultimately isn't laughing in the face of danger what being an Archetype is really all about?  (It is, in case you weren't sure.)  A few days after this footage was recorded, we ended up shipwrecked off the coast of Atlantic City, but at the time, we were gleefully unaware of our impending doom.  Here's the first of what's sure to be a handful of videos about our adventure!

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    We here at The Archetype know that life is all about looking for trouble, and that's exactly what we do.  We are constantly striving to find new challenges to overcome and new people to meet in an effort to make ourselves into the kinds of men and women that others can aspire to be... and we want the same from you.  All you need is a sense of adventure and the willingness to change... a sense of humor helps too.


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