Doesn't that picture give you the impression that I get up in the morning yearning for a little time in the gym?  I'm probably the kind of guy that works out first thing in the morning and watches the sunrise while I'm on my run, right?  Wrong.  I hate getting off the couch, I hate struggling through hangovers, and I hate how exhausted and useless I feel for an hour after I work out. 

So then why the hell do it?

Because there's a short window between hating having to get off the couch and hating how strongly I want to vomit up my post-workout protein shake that I feel positively invincible.  For twenty minutes, I'm roving the gym like a hungry tyrannosaurus: devouring forty-five pound plates and laying waste to any lift that stands in my way.

Then I feel like this again:
It's worth it.  Go get your fifteen minutes of invincibility and come back.  I'll wait for you. 

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