A recent study by the Smithsonian (did you guys know they did science and not just Ben Stiller movies?) announced that mosquitoes are up to 20% more likely to bite you after drinking just ONE beer.  Of course, scientists in Japan discovered the same correlation in 2002, and some in France published a paper on it in 2010, but we're in America, and we're not in the business of having our beer science conducted by Godzilla fearing wine tasters. 
Probably could have saved some money by googling "mosquitoes and beer" instead of partying with this guy.
Despite three different nations devoting their resources to what kinds of booze bugs prefer instead of curing cancer or canceling "Here Comes Honey BooBoo," no one has been able to determine exactly why it is that mosquitoes prefer to bite people that have thrown a few back.  Which is incredible to me, because it's clearly because mosquitoes like beer and can't bite through cans. 
Nor can they hold up their own kegs.
So what can you do to prevent being eating alive while you're out adventuring in the great out doors?  Stop drinking beer.  Hahahahahahahahaha no, i'm just kidding - instead, cover yourself in poisonous insecticides and party until the cancer gets you.  Hopefully science will get back to working on a cure for that now that we've got the mosquito thing under wraps.

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