The Archetype has always been about new beginnings.  We’ve encouraged you to embrace the things about yourself that you like and to work hard to improve upon them, build upon them and become a new version of yourself that the old you would look at with admiration and pride.  When I was growing up, I always felt different from those around me.  I was an athlete with a pen in his hand, a man’s man writing poems in secret.  Over the years, I grew to own the things about me that made me weird, and to stop hiding them.  In return, they helped me become a man I’m proud to be. 

                In the year or so since we started The Archetype, we’ve had a blast, but we never quite pinned down what it was that we were.  Are we just some facebook page about dudes that drink too much and look for trouble?  Are we about making videos and pictures or are we just a repository for funny stuff we’ve found surfing the net?  Is The Archetype a legitimate business or is it just how we justify our good (and often bad) decisions?  The truth is, The Archetype is all of those things and so much more.  It’s a catch all for a way of life, and that’s incredibly difficult to pin down with a catch phrase or slogan.  German and I regularly butt heads about our creative goals, not because we have different visions for the project, but because the project encompasses so much that we struggle to mash it into an existing niche.  Somewhere afloat in the Atlantic Ocean, convinced that I was going to die, it came to me: it’s time we created our own niche. 

If the Archetype has always been about new beginnings, deciding who you want to be and making it happen, why on Earth haven’t we been approaching it with the same mentality?  Simple as it seems, that realization eluded us for some time.  Not anymore.  Welcome to the new Archetype: a web page that represents a way of life exemplified by the best in us, and the best of us.  We made the decision a long time ago to stare life in the face and see who blinks first – here, on this page and in our social media accounts, we want to share that mentality with you.  We want you to end up a little bit stronger, and little bit happier, a little bit meaner, and yes… a little bit drunker right alongside us.  Some things you’ll see us share will be funny and inappropriate, other things will be serious and even painful.  That’s the reality of being an Archetype; change hurts, being different can be hard, and we all crack from time to time.

                My wife asked me a short time ago why I feel like I have to take trips that give me more anxiety than pleasure and why I’m always looking for a way to challenge myself to fail.  Without giving it a second thought, I responded, “because a long time ago, that’s the man I chose to be.”  We climb mountains because they’re there, because a beer tastes sweeter when you earned it, and because you can’t have victory without the occasional defeat.  When Shawn, an Archetype contributor spoke to a greasy, long haired boat mechanic in Ocean City, NJ last week about how ridiculous our most recent trip was, the mechanic looked up at him from a sweltering engine bay, shrugged and said, “everything awesome has to be a little bit ridiculous.” 

Damn right. 

So stick with us folks, The Archetype is here to change the world.


Life is not a straight life, it is more of a bumpy ride. Most people think that life about having plans and such, but I do not think that it is the case for most of us. If you want to enjoy life, then there are a number of ways to do it. You can always begin a new career at the age of thirty or forty. Life is not something that you can plan, believe me, it is not like that.


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    We here at The Archetype know that life is all about looking for trouble, and that's exactly what we do.  We are constantly striving to find new challenges to overcome and new people to meet in an effort to make ourselves into the kinds of men and women that others can aspire to be... and we want the same from you.  All you need is a sense of adventure and the willingness to change... a sense of humor helps too.


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